Past talks


Date Speaker Title
20/1 Efrat Bank (Tel Aviv) Prime polynomial values of linear functions in short intervals
6/1 Shaul Zemel (Darmstadt) On Lattices over Valuation Rings of Arbitrary Rank


Date Speaker Title
23/12 Lior Rosenzweig (Stockholm) Diophantine approximation in nilpotent Lie groups
18/12 Sefi Ladkani (Ben Gurion) From groups to clusters
9/12 Mark Shusterman (Tel Aviv) Free profinite subgroups and Galois representations
25/11 Amiram Braun (Haifa) Factoriality of the Zassenhaus variety-revisited
11/11 Dmitry Gourevitch (Weizmann) Generalized and degenerate Whittaker models