Past talks


Date Speaker Title
10/6 Eli Appleboim (Technion) A geographical riddle
13/5 Eitan Lapidot (Haifa) Herbert and the Hungarian Mathematician
22/4 Eli Berger (Haifa) Is the sum of all natural numbers minus 1 over 12 ?
1/4 Raphael Yuster (Haifa) Probability versus intuition
18/3 Ofir Schnabel (Haifa) Partitioning the integers by arithmetic sequences
4/3 Kobi Peter (Haifa) Sequences of positive integers that (seemingly) increase rapidly but eventually tend to zero
14/1 Victor Harnik (Haifa) What is descriptive geometry?


Date Speaker Title
3/12 Frol Zapolsky (Haifa) Hanukkah Surprise!
19/11 Yael Algom-Kfir (Haifa) The mapping class groups
12/11 Anna Melnikov (Haifa) Mathematics of Genom and Molecular Biology
18/6 Yitzhak Weit (Haifa) Who moved my function?
21/5 Toufik Mansour (Haifa) Bell numbers, Stirling numbers and Touchard polynomials
23/4 Gil Vernik (IBM Research, Haifa) Storage data reduction through data de-duplication and data compression
9/4 Lior Bary-Soroker(Tel-Aviv) My prime polynomials and other animals
12/3 Oleg Kelis(Haifa) Mathematical models
8/1 Frol Zapolsky (Haifa) Quasi-morphisms on groups of geometric origin


Date Speaker Title
25/12 Debasis Sen (Haifa) Cayley Dickson Algebras and Vector fields on Spheres
11/12 Lucas Fresse (Haifa) On the Jordan curve theorem
27/11 Anna Melnikov (Haifa) Linear Algebra in everyday life
13/11 David Blanc (Haifa) Newton’s proof of Kepler’s Laws
30/10 David Blanc (Haifa) To Infinity and Beyond (FILM). By: Marcus du Sautoy
19/6 Yuri Rabinowich (Haifa) From graphs to simplicial complexes
5/6 David Blanc (Haifa) Non-Euclidean Geometry from Euclid to Hilbert
8/5 Jonathan Arazy (Haifa) Contractive projections
27/3 Victor Harnik (Haifa) Compass constructions and inversion transformation
13/3 Sagi Snir (Haifa) Challenges in exact sciences in light of breakthroughs in molecular biology
17/1 Moshe Roitman (Haifa) Ultraproducts
3/1 David Blanc (Haifa) The geometry of the earth


Date Speaker Title
20/12 Gadi Moran (Haifa) The Riemann and Levy-Steinitz Theorems on sums of conditionally convergent series
6/12 Joseph Zaks (Haifa) On regular pentagons and (unrelated) on the combinatorial aspects of the Fibonacci sequence
22/11 Toufik Mansour (Haifa) Recurrence relations with two indices
8/11 David Blanc (Haifa) Film Festival
24/5 Eli Berger (Haifa) Conway’s Surreal Numbers
3/5 Sergey Liflandsky (Haifa) Calculus of Variations
5/4 Shoham Sabach (Technion) Generalized Newton methods to find zeros of functions in one variable
22/3 Dr. Mark Shattuck (Haifa) Geometric Inequalities of the Plane
8/3 Dr. Leah Epstein (Haifa) On selfish agents and the Internet
11/1 Prof. Izu Vaisman (Haifa) A generalization of the Poincare hyperbolic metric


Date Speaker Title
28/12 Prof. Victor Harnik (Haifa) Linear models of economy
14/12 Prof. Mikhail Katz (Bar Ilan) Fashioning the integers into a Bernoullian continuum
30/11 Prof. Raphael Yuster (Haifa) P versus NP
16/11 Prof. Gadi Moran (Haifa) Three Gems of Plane Geometry
8/6 Prof. Gregory Chaitin (IBM T.J Watson) The Search for the Perfect Language
25/5 Prof. Kobi Peterzil (Haifa) The Euler Characetristic of groups
27/4 Prof. Tatiana Bandman (Bar Ilan) Genus
23/3 Prof. Prof. Tefera Worku (University of Addis Ababa) Fundamental groups in traditional Ethiopian handicrafts
16/3 Prof. Leonid Makar-Limanov (Wayne State) Centralizers
2/3 Prof. Victor Harnik (University of Haifa) The mathematics of the Jewish calendar
5/1 Prof. Yossi Zaks (University of Haifa) Geometry they could have taught us in high school, but didn’t


Date Speaker Title
29/12 Gadi Moran (University of Haifa) Quaternions
8/12 Raphael Yuster (University of Haifa) Polynomial identity testing and its applications
24/11 David Blanc (University of Haifa) On topology and robots
10/11 Yuval Ginosar (University of Haifa) When are two real numbers coprime?