Past talks


Date Speaker Title
9/6 Simona Paoli (Leicester) Bicategories and weakly globular double categories
19/5 Hans-Joachim Baues (Max Planck) The algebra of higher cohomology operations
12/5 Tobias Hartnik (Technion) From Rogers’ dilogarithm to the continuous bounded cohomology of SL_2(R)
5/5 Shoham Shamir The string topology category of special unitary groups


Date Speaker Title
26/7 Martin Frankland (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne) Non-realizable 2-stage Pi-algebras
20/6 Boris Chorny (Oranim-University of Haifa) Goodwillie calculus and model categories
6/6 Michael Entov (The Technion) Hamiltonian chords and topology
23/5 Daniel Reem (IMPA) The geometric stability of Voronoi diagrams with respect to small changes of the sites
10/5 Michael Brandenbursky (Vanderbilt University) Quasi-isometric embeddings, quasi-morphisms, L^p-metrics and groups of volume-preserving diffeomorphisms
18/4 Alex Gonzalez (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Group models for automorphisms of p-local compact groups
29/3 Vladimir Rovenski (University of Haifa) Flows of metrics on fiber bundles
14/3 Debasis Sen (University of Haifa) Simplicial equivariant cohomology with local coefficients and its homotopy classification
19/1 Antonio Rieser (Technion) Relative blow-ups and real packing in symplectic 4-manifolds


Date Speaker Title
27/12 Vladimir Sharafutdinov (Novosibirsk_ Local audibility of a hyperbolic metric
22/12 Moshe Kamensky (Notre Dame) Tannakian formalism over fields with operators
8/12 Emily Landes (The Technion) The Topological Structure of A Character Variety
10/11 Oren Ben-Bassat (University of Haifa) Vector bundles on neighborhoods of negative curves
31/5 Uri Bader (The Technion) Weyl groups, Furstenberg-Poisson boundaries and linear representations
17/5 Tobias Hartnick (The Technion) Extending the Cross Ratio to Higher Rank Bounded Symmetric Domains
5/4 Maxim E. Kazarian (MIAN and IUM, Moscow) KP hierarchy and enumerative geometry
22/3 Yonatan Harpaz (The Hebrew University) Homotopy Theory and Solvability of Diophantine Equations
9/3 Mark Branson (The Technion)} Symplectic Manifolds with vanishing Action-Maslov Homomorphism
13/1 Vladimir Goldshtein (Ben-Gurion University) On the Lq,p-cohomology of complete Riemannian Manifolds


Date Speaker Title
30/12 Gabi Ben Simon (ETH, Zurich) Cohomological invariants and order invariants of Teichmuller spaces
21/12 Michael Farber (Durham University) Topology of linkages, statistical physics, and Morse theory
9/12 Roman Bezrukavnikov (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Characters and categories
2/12 Matan Prezma (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Homotopy normal maps
25/11 Liat Kessler (The Technion) The question of Noetherianity of Denjoy-Carleman quasi-analytic classes
11/11 Boris Chorny (University of Haifa – Oranim) Enriched Brown representability
28/10 Andrey Mironov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics) Minimal and Hamilton-minimal Lagrangian submanfolds in C^n and CP^n
7/6 Micha Gavrilovich (Ben-Gurion University) A set-theoretic model category
17/5 Izu Vaisman (University of Haifa) The Isotropic Hamiltonian Formalism
18/4 Claude Schochet (Wayne State University) What is K-theory and Why Should I be interested in it?
12/4 Michael Entov (The Technion) Almost linear functionals on Lie algebras
22/3 Leonid Chekhov (Steklov Mathematical Institute) Monodromy data of Frobenius manifolds and twisted Yangians arising in Teichmuller theory
8/3 Michael Polyak (The Technion) Conway-type invariants for tangles and the circuit operad
14/1 Oren Ben-Bassat (University of Haifa) Fedosov Quantization of Holomorphic Symplectic Manifolds


Date Speaker Title
31/12 Uri Bader (The Technion) Mostow and ME
24/12 Yoav Moriah (The Technion) Recent developments in the Heegaard structures of 3-manifolds
16/12 Gabi Ben Simon (ETH, Zurich) From a new charecterization of Teichmuller spaces to positive representations
26/11 Vladimir Rovenski (University of Haifa) Extrinsic geometric flows on foliated Riemannian manifolds
12/11 Michael Brandenbursky (The Technion) Finite type invariants obtained by counting surfaces
5/11 Boris Chorny (University of Haifa at Oranim) Class-combinatorial model categories