Senior Department Members

Name E-mail* Phone Room # Research area
Dr. Yael Algom-Kfir yalgom@univ 8240162 620 geometric group theory
Dr. Oren Ben-Bassat ben-bassat@math 8240167 605 algebraic geometry; noncommutative geometry
Prof. Eli Berger berger@math 8288415 602 combinatorics
Prof. David Blanc blanc@math 8249758 604 algebraic topology; homotopy theory
Prof. Leah Epstein lea@math 8288423 618 theoretical computer science
Dr. Uriya First ufirst@univ 8249168 606 algebraic groups; representation theory
Prof. Yuval Ginosar ginosar@univ 8288413 601 projective representations; crossed products
Prof. Vladimir Hinich hinich@math 8240838 608 homological and homotopical algebra; deformation theory
Dr. Sefi Ladkani ladkani.math at 612 representation theory; homological algebra
Prof. Toufik Mansour toufik@math 8240705 621 algebraic and enumerative combinatorics
Prof. Anna Melnikov melnikov@math 8288409 619 representation theory; semisimple Lie algebras
Prof. Kobi Peter (Peterzil) kobi@math 8240354 603 mathematical logic; model theory
Prof. Vladimir Rovenski rovenski@math 8288422 624 differential geometry; submanifolds; geometric modeling
Prof. Alek Vainshtein alek@math 8249878 512, Jacobs cluster algebras; Poisson geometry
Dr. Ami Viselter aviselter@univ 8288412 633 operator algebras
Dr. Nadav Yesha nyesha@univ 8240353 623 analytic number theory; quantum chaos
Prof. Raphael Yuster raphy@math 8288414 610 combinatorics
Dr. Frol Zapolsky 8240352 616 symplectic geometry