Online seminar, U. Haifa Topology & Geometry seminar on November 29, 2020

A recording of the talk is available here.

Topology & Geometry Seminar

Speaker: Vladimir Rovenski, University of Haifa

Topic: On the mixed scalar curvature of almost multi-product manifolds

Place: This is an online seminar. Please email David Blanc “blanc at math dot haifa dot ac dot il” for the Zoom ID and password.

Time: 16:00

Date: Sunday, November 29, 2020


A pseudo-Riemannian manifold endowed with multiple orthogonal complementary distributions, called a Riemannian almost multi-product structure, generalizes concepts such as multiply twisted (warped) products and Einstein equations, the webs composed of several foliations and Dupin hypersurfaces.

This talk reviews my recent results (published in arXiv) concerning the following two topics on the mixed scalar curvature of a Riemannian almost multi-product manifold: a) integral formulas and splitting of a manifold; b) action of the Einstein-Hilbert type.