U. Haifa Topology & Geometry seminar: Sunday, NOV 21, 2021. Speaker: Yoav Len (St. Andrews). “Title:  The Geometry of Graphs and Algebraic Curves”

Time: Sunday November 21st 17:00 (Israel Time)

Location: On Zoom



Speaker: Yoav Len (St. Andrews)

Title: The Geometry of Graphs and Algebraic Curves


My talk will revolve around combinatorial aspects of algebraic curves. Via tropical geometry, problems concerning algebraic curves may be reduced to a game played on the vertices of a graph, known as the chip-firing game. The possible outcomes of the game reflect geometric invariants such as genus and gonality and provide obstructions to realizations of curves in various ambient spaces. This approach has already led to new results in algebraic geometry and solutions to numerous open problems. In my talk, I will explain the rules of the game and explore the interactions between winning strategies, the geometry of graphs and curves, and Brill–Noether theory. I will not assume prior knowledge in algebraic or tropical geometry.



Meeting ID: 849 8759 1026