Online seminar, U. Haifa Topology & Geometry seminar on December 13, 2020

Topology & Geometry Seminar

Speaker: Anna Marie Bohmann, Vanderbilt University

Topic: Algebraic K-theory for Lawvere theories: assembly and Morita invariance

Place: This is an online seminar. Please email David Blanc “blanc at math dot haifa dot ac dot il” for the Zoom ID and password.

Time: 16:00

Date: Sunday, December 13, 2020


Much like operads and monads, Lawvere theories are a way of encoding algebraic structures, such as those of modules over a ring or sets with a group action.  In this talk, we discuss the algebraic K-theory of Lawvere theories, which contains information about automorphism groups of these structures.  We’ll discuss both particular examples and general constructions in the K-theory of Lawvere theories, including examples showing the limits of Morita invariance and the construction of assembly-style maps.  This is joint work with Markus Szymik.