Colloquium: Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Speaker: Speaker: Vikraman Balaji (Chennai Mathematical institute). Title: “Parahoric groups, Bruhat-Tits group schemes and  representations of Fuchsian groups and parabolic bundles”

Our next Math colloquium talk at Haifa University will be on Zoom, on the 15th of March (Tuesday). You can find the updated list of speakers and abstracts for the seminar at

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Time: 14:00

Abstract: The talk will introduce parahoric groups and Bruhat-Tits group schemes and torsors and relate them to representations of Fuchsian groups. 

The classical work of Seshadri and Mehta on parabolic bundles when seen from this new perspective gives a somewhat new manner of realizing parahoric groups as “equivariant automorphisms of torsors”. This new perspective opens up possible generalizations of Bruhat-Tits theory to higher dimensional bases. The talk will be reasonably self-contained and will contain basic examples. Towards the end, I will indicate some new developments.