U. of Haifa Algebra seminar, December 10,  2020

Algebra Seminar

Speaker:  Primož Moravec ( University of Ljubljana)

Topic: Two group functors extending Schur multipliers

Place:  This is an online seminar. Please email Yuval Ginosar “ginosar at math dot haifa dot ac dot il” for the Zoom ID and password.

Date:  Thursday, December 10,  2020

Time:   13:00 (note the unusual time)


In 2008, Liedtke introduced a group functor $\tilde{\mathcal{K}}$ that was used to described certain invariants of algebraic surfaces. We describe a relationship between this functor and a construction of Rocco that has a strong connection with Schur multipliers of groups. Some results, examples, and open questions will be presented. This is joint work with Heiko Dietrich (Monash University).