Colloquium: Tuesday, May 5, 2020. Speaker: David Blanc (Haifa). Title: “What is higher structure and what is it good for?”.

Dear all,

The colloquium returns in an online format (via ZOOM). The talk will be given by our own David Blanc. Your attendance is important and will indicate the demand for more talks in this format.

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Time: 14:00

Abstract: The notion of “higher order data” arises naturally in homotopy theory, but in recent years it has appeared also in other areas, from algebraic geometry to mathematical physics. There is no formal definition, but the main ingredients are a structure C (often a category) with underlying “homotopy category” hoC,  additional operations or properties describable in C but not in hoC, but with values in hoC. Examples include homotopy limits and colimits, differentials in spectral sequences, and more – these will be explained as time permits.