Colloquium: Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Speaker: Michael Gekhtman (Notre Dame). Title: “Dilogarithm identities in cluster algebras from Hamiltonian/Lagrangian point of view”.



Place: Room 614 in the Education & Sciences Building

Time: 14:00

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018




We will discuss a Hamiltonian formalism for cluster mutations using canonical (Darboux) coordinates and piecewise-Hamiltonian flows with Euler dilogarithm playing the role of the Hamiltonian. The Rogers dilogarithm then appears naturally in the dual Lagrangian picture. We will then show how the dilogarithm identity associated with a period of mutations in a cluster algebra arises from Hamiltonian/Lagrangian point of view (Based on the joint paper with T. Nakanishi and D. Rupel).

Tea will be served before the talk (at 13:50).