Colloquium: Tuesday, December 11, 2018. Speaker: Alon Nishry (Tel Aviv University). Title: “Value distribution of random power series”.

Department of Mathematics                                                           University of  Haifa




Speaker: Alon Nishry (Tel Aviv University)


Topic: Value distribution of random power series


Place: Room 614 in the Education & Sciences Building

Time: 14:00

Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2018




Many of the central problems in complex analysis involve the study of the solution set {z : f(z) = b}, where f is an analytic function in some domain, as b varies over the complex numbers or a subset of them. The qualitative and quantitative characterization of these sets is sometimes called the value distribution of f. In general, it is difficult to obtain precise results for a given function f, however, when f is given by a random power series, whose coefficients are independent random variables, such results can be obtained. Moreover, if the coefficients are complex Gaussians, the results are especially elegant, in particular in this talk I will discuss some different notions of `rigidity’ of the zero set of the function f.


Tea will be served before the talk (at 13:50).