Online seminar, this Tuesday at 10:00, U. Haifa Topology & Geometry seminar on June 2, 2020

Recording of this Seminar is available in the following link.

Geometry & Topology Seminar

Speaker:  Luca Pol, University of Sheffield

Topic:  Rational global spectra and tt-geometry

Place:  This is an online seminar. Please email David Blanc <> for the Zoom ID and password.

Time:   10:00

Date:  Tuesday, June 2,  2020


Global homotopy theory is the study of spectra with a uniform and simultaneous action of a family of finite groups. It is a special feature of a global spectrum that the geometric fixed points functor admits extra functoriality; this can be encoded into the category G of finite groups and conjugacy classes of epimorphisms. Using Morita theory, Schwede showed that the category of rational global spectra admits a simple algebraic model: the abelian category of G-presheaves of rational vector spaces. In this talk I will explain how this category relates to certain stability phenomena in representation theory, and show how to use this algebraic description to understand the tensor triangulated geometry of the rational global stable homotopy category. This is joint work with Neil Strickland.