Colloquium: Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Speaker: Zemer Kosloff (Hebrew University). Title: “On the classification of non-singular Bernoulli shifts”.

Place: Room 614 in the Education & Sciences Building

Time: 14:00


In this talk I will start by a gentle introduction of non-singular actions and ergodic theory. After that we will discuss some recent progress, which culminated in a joint work with Michael Bjorklund and Stefaan Vaes in which we answered a 40 year old question of Ulrich Krengel regarding the nonexistence of a Bernoulli shift with an infinite absolutely continuous invariant measure. If time permits, we will discuss the case of Bernoulli actions of general groups and its relation to L^2 Betti numbers.

Tea will be served before the talk (at 13:50).